HGraph Punks: 2023 Update

Hello Punks!

  • Voting for HGraph Punks will launch in early Q1.
  • The first vote will address whether we should stay fair-launch or switch to using Coin Eyes Punks as a WL token for Drop 4.
  • As a company based in the U.S. with a long term vision, we cannot mint a fungible token due to the legal liabilities. (scroll to The U.S. and Fungible Tokens for more info)
  • We’re excited to announce that we’re developing a new point system for the Hedera Network that will feature mainnet auditable leaderboards and points tied to NFTs using the Hedera Consensus Service.
  • The new point system will give the HGP community a new way to earn, track, and compete with each other! We can’t wait to see it in action.
  • We’re hosting a Twitter space this week on Thursday Jan 19th at 6:30 PM (ET) where everyone can share their thoughts, ideas, or concerns with our team. We understand that this may not be the path we initially envisioned, but it’s the best one for the long-term success of our project.


The U.S. and Fungible Tokens:

Punk Points

  • Leaderboards for NFTs and wallets will be available for everyone to view.
  • You’ll keep your HGP NFT in your wallet while staking.
  • Some HGP Seasons NFTs will be able to be burnt for points.
  • Points earned will be linked to the NFT, not the wallet. So, when an HGP NFT is sold on the secondary market, the points will also be transferred during the sale.
  • Points can be used by the wallet that holds the NFT.
Initial design for the punk point system

Below is a breakdown of the HGraph Punks hierarchy:




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HGraph Punks

Turtle Moon is a company creating tools and infrastructure for the Hedera NFT community. HGraph Punks is an NFT project being created by the same team.