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8 min readAug 14, 2022


Last Whitepaper!?

As our project and team grow, it has become challenging to wait, align, and organize a giant chunk of information for a whitepaper. We are moving fast and don’t want holders to wait months for an update.

To that end, this is the LAST whitepaper from HGraph Punks. From now on, we’ll post frequent updates in our Discord #dev-blog channel and on Medium.


The NFT ecosystem on Hedera has been in full renaissance mode for the last few months. Multiple minting platforms have been built, we have easy wallet signing across the network, numerous unique NFT projects are choosing Hedera as their home, and we saw a record 2 million HBAR volume day on Zuse!

The HGraph Punks team has been hard at work behind the scenes. As we get ready for our fourth drop, we wanted to take a moment and expand on what we’ve been building, how far along we are, and share some updates on our plans for HGraph Punks.

HGraph Punks Mission

“Create a large-scale NFT collection with the best user experience imaginable to demonstrate why Hedera is the best network for NFTs.” This mission remains the same since our launch in early September 2021.

Table of Contents

  • Major Updates
  • NFT Farming
  • Tokenomics & Staking
  • Metaverse: The Liftoff
  • Turtle Moon Auctions
  • Minting
  • Drop Roadmap
  • DAO
  • NFT Ownership

Major Updates:

  • To bring top-tier audio quality, performers, and NFT innovation, we’ve partnered with Vceezy on our metaverse venue: The Liftoff.
  • HGraph Punks and Vceezy will have a collab auction on the new Turtle Moon Auctions site.
  • The HGraph Punks 8,192 NFT collection is on two token IDs. Drop 1 is on 0.0.621100; Drop 2 and onward are on 0.0.817591.
  • Glitch Punk Farming is officially open and available now to all Glitch Punk holders.
  • NFT Staking and the HGraph Punk fungible token are planned for release in Q4 2022.

There are some legal clarifications that we must state to make sure we are compliant with defined U.S. security laws.

HGraph Punks are digital art only.

All utility defined in this Whitepaper is not guaranteed to HGraph Punk holders. The value of HGraph Punk NFTs should only be based on their digital art value.

NFT Farming

Glitch Punk holders will begin beta testing our farming platform. We have a pool of 100 Coin Eyes NFTs reserved for them to farm. Details on the farming platform rollout for HGraph Punk holders will come in future dev blog updates.

Glitch Punk Farming Timeframe

  • 28 days = 1 Coin Eyes Punk NFT

NFT farming is being released today along with this whitepaper. Glitch Punk holders can start farming here.

Glitch Punk Farms


We have taken a lot of time and consideration into the tokenomics for our fungible token. While we are still building our metaverse and NFT platform, we have decided to remove the name Turtle Moon Coin for now. We want to fully understand the scope of the ecosystem we’re creating before releasing the final name of this token.

We are finalizing the distribution and setup mechanics, but we want to provide an update on the vision for our token.


  • All 8,192 HGraph Punk NFTs from our main collection will be able to stake for our fungible token.
  • All 50 Glitch Punk NFTs from our genesis collection will be able to stake for our fungible token.
  • All “top shelf” HGP collab NFTs (Vceezy, Lazy Superheroes, DoodleVerse) will be able to stake for our fungible token.
  • Coin Eyes Punk NFTs will be staking multipliers. They will increase the percentage of fungible tokens earned when paired with an HGraph Punk, Glitch Punk, or HGP collab NFT.
  • Any HGraph Punk NFTs with a coin background will have a baked-in staking multiplier.

Below is a breakdown of our current working hierarchy for HGraph Punks:

  • Glitch Punks
  • Holographic Punks
  • Limited Edition Punks with a coin background
  • Limited Edition Punks
  • Classic Punks with a coin background
  • Classic Punks

There is no expectation or guarantee of any value for our fungible token. Any future utility is not guaranteed and should not impact the perceived value of this token.

The Liftoff

We have been busy working behind the scenes to conceptualize and execute our metaverse vision. To bring top-tier audio quality, performers, and NFT innovation, we’ve partnered with Vceezy to build this new experience, The Liftoff.

While we build The Liftoff’s own dedicated metaverse platform, we are also building a space in Spatial. While Spatial currently doesn’t have all the features we’re looking for, this will allow us to start holding metaverse events much sooner. Below is a screenshot of our alpha space and progress.

Platform Decisions

  • We have completed an initial proof of concept website that works with Hedera token gating, so only HGraph Punks, and Vceezy holders can gain access.
  • We have done extensive research to find a platform that has high accessibility (WebGL/OpenGL web interface), concurrent multi-player connection support for real-time interactions, and can integrate with Hedera SDKs. We are currently doing more tests with our decided platform to confirm it will execute and scale with our needs.
  • We’re planning our first concert and finalizing details to execute a fantastic user experience.
Custom platform test for token gating and injection of NFT images into metaverse.

HGraph Punks x Vceezy Auction

To commemorate the Vceezy and HGraph Punks metaverse partnership, we’ve created nine Vceezy Punks!

These Vceezy x HGraph Punks collaboration NFTs will be the first NFTs auctioned on the new Turtle Moon Auctions website. This will be the final HGP “top-shelf” collab that gets metaverse access.

Six of the NFTs will be sold through Dutch auctions that will begin on Friday, August 26. All six GIF NFTs take advantage of the HIP-412 standard to include multiple files in each NFT to give the holder more PFP choices.

There are some legal clarifications that we must state to make sure we are compliant with defined U.S. security laws.

HGraph Punks are digital art only.

All utility defined in this Whitepaper is not guaranteed to HGraph Punk holders. The value of HGraph Punk NFTs should only be based on their digital art value.


Turtle Moon Launchpad is getting a complete overhaul. We’re building a new decentralized database architecture and front-end data to be the best of class. Recently, we released a major update to the collections page and NFT view page.

This update includes NFT data from the mainnet like total volume, biggest sales, and even a price history chart for each NFT.

The backend of our launchpad is moving from a regular database to Hedera Consensus Service. This move will make our platform more decentralized and stay true to web3.

Along with these updates, we are removing Magic Auth as a requirement to sign up and mint. The new systems will give us more flexibility to add in restrictions for how many one wallet can mint, improve the cool down period to work per wallet ID, and mitigate bot minting.

collection page data and UI updates

Drop Roadmap

We designed our original 12-drop roadmap in September 2021 to accommodate the small Hedera NFT community at the time. There’s been incredible growth in the community since then, and it no longer makes sense to drop our NFTs in small batches of 512 and 1,024, as we first planned.

Previous HGraph Punk drops include:

  • Set 1: Drop 1 — 512 NFTs minted on December 18, 2021
  • Set 1: Drop 2 — 512 NFTs minted on March 30, 2022
  • Set 1: Drop 3 — 1,024 NFTs minted on April 20, 2022

Future HGraph Punk drops will include:

  • Set 2: Drop 4 — 2,048 NFTs, mint date TBA
  • Set 2: Drop 5 — 4,096 NFTs, mint date TBA

Both our upcoming NFT drops will be fair launch and cost 500 HBAR to mint.


We will create a DAO that grants every HGraph Punk or Glitch Punk holder voting rights on certain decisions we make as a Project. Holders will have one vote per NFT.

Our first DAO vote will decide on the name of our fungible token!

We’ll open a new channel in our Discord for name suggestions. The HGP team will select the top suggestions, and the DAO will vote on the final decision.

NFT Ownership

You own your NFT. When you purchase an HGraph Punks NFT, you own the underlying HGraph Punk, the Art, completely.

HGraph Punks owns the name and mark and other intellectual property and proprietary technologies that constitute the brand image by which HGraph Punks is known to the public.

A big thank you to each and every one of our community members! We’re incredibly grateful for all the love and support over the past 11 months. Hedera NFTs are the future and the HGP team is excited to lead the way!



2. This White Paper contains estimates and forward-looking statements. All statements other than statements of historical fact are forward-looking statements. In particular, the words “may,” “might,” “will,” “could,” “would,” “should,” “expect,” “plan,” “anticipate,” “intend,” “seek,” “believe,” “estimate,” “predict,” “potential,” “continue,” “contemplate,” “possible,” and similar words are intended to identify estimates and forward-looking statements. All forward-looking statements, including the intended actions and performance objectives of HGraph Punks, are estimates based largely on current expectations and projections about future events and trends.

All forward-looking statements in this Whitepaper speak only as of the date of publication of this Whitepaper.

HGraph Punks expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to disseminate any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statement contained herein to reflect any change in its expectation with regard thereto
or any change in events, conditions, or circumstances on which any such statement is based.



HGraph Punks

Turtle Moon is a company creating tools and infrastructure for the Hedera NFT community. HGraph Punks is an NFT project being created by the same team.