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HGraph Punks
3 min readJan 20, 2022

Last week was very eventful for HGraph Punks. Here’s an update to some of the biggest things that happened in the last 7 days.


  • HGraph Punks got the minting wallet keys back and lost no funds.
  • HGraph Punks completed the donation of $22,377 to Save The Children
  • HGraph Punks and DoodleVerse had a successful auction of 6 Doodle Punks, totaling more than 240K HBAR
  • Hedera donation event update from HCWC charity

HGraph Punks team has regained full access to the minting wallet. No funds were taken.

Last week we discovered our minting keys had been changed and we no longer had access to our wallet. We released a medium article going over the ordeal, how we lost them, and our next steps.

We were contacted by the user who changed the keys shortly after our announcement. They returned the keys and we immediately changed them through Hedera network calls. We are the only holders of these keys and we will proceed as normal with future HGraph Punks drops. The plan to exchange old punks for new punks is not needed

The user accepted no payment other than us minting a 1/1 hacker punk for them.

HGraph Punks Completed Donation of $22,377 to Save The Children

In Q4 we auctioned off an NFT for Save The Children that generated 70,342 HBAR.

Today we have completed the final donation for a total of $22,377.

We were blown away by the amazing funds raised from our growing community. The amount of good we can do in the world when we come together is unimaginable. This was just the first step in that journey of using our NFT platform to do good in the world.

HGraph Punks and DoodleVerse auction totals 244K HBAR

On Jan 16th we held a collaboration auction with the NFT project DoodleVerse and it was a wild success!

The auction generated over 244,021 HBAR. These funds will be split 50/50 to both project teams. We are humbled by the amount of support the Hedera community has shown us this week.

We have many plans for the space and knowing that we have vast community support for our vision helps us dig in more to creating value for the whole Hedera network.

HCWC Receives Large Cryptocurrency Donation From Hedera

On December 16, 2021 a Charity Auction was held at the Lazy Super Hero Palace by the Hedera NFT community.

HGraph Punks ran the logistics getting NFTs, organizing the auctions sets and times, setting them up and getting them out. We are very proud to be apart of this donation initiative that generated around $109,000 for HCWC.

You can read more about the auction here:



HGraph Punks

Turtle Moon is a company creating tools and infrastructure for the Hedera NFT community. HGraph Punks is an NFT project being created by the same team.