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HGraph Punks
3 min readJan 4, 2022

Creating tools and infrastructure for the Hedera NFT community


  • Turtle Moon is expanding into a new entity: Turtle Moon Command Center (TMCC)
  • TMCC is planning to launch multiple essential projects that will help grow the NFT community on Hedera. The first two projects will be an NFT launchpad and a mobile wallet.
  • Turtle Moon Launchpad: Curated service that will help artists generate art, mass mint, and launch their NFT projects. Secondary sales for those projects are on our roadmap.
  • Turtle Moon Wallet: An NFT centric mobile wallet application created for iOS and Android.



Xact Wallet enabled the Hedera NFT community to flourish. Their APIs allowed users to mint, send and buy NFTs. When Xact removed these services to stop the custodial service provided, the Hedera NFT community came to a standstill.


Build development tools and services for the Hedera community to expedite the creation of innovative technology.

We are on a mission to help rebuild mature NFT functionality in a way that will allow the whole Hedera community to grow together.

We will accomplish this by creating tools and services needed by NFT projects. After creation, we will open-source a large portion of our code. Open-sourcing our code will allow us to work directly with the community. We will develop new features and tools together. TMCC will also offer its software as a service.

Turtle Moon Launchpad (TMLP)

Launchpad website

Seven NFT projects have already committed to launch their projects on Turtle Moon Launchpad!

They include:

  • HGraph Punks
  • Hash Horses
  • Meerkats
  • Lil Monkis
  • Leemon Club

TMLP will be wallet agnostic and users will be able to randomly mint NFTs.

Users will need to associate the token ID of the project, then send the correct amount of HBAR to a wallet address. Depending on the project, and the creator’s desired minting process, you may be allowed to mint multiple NFTs at once.

If the user does not send enough HBAR or the token ID is not correctly associated, the HBAR will be automatically sent back.

If the user sends too much HBAR, the NFT will be minted and sent to the user. The remaining HBAR will also be sent back.

Secondary sales for TMLP projects are on our roadmap. We will announce that functionality when it is available. More information and details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Turtle Moon Wallet (TMW)

We are determined to build the best mobile NFT wallet for the Hedera community. We will focus on secondary sales functionality first to reenable the vibrant Hedera NFT community to come back to life.

After secondary sales are working again, we will focus on enhancing features for TMW.

We will initially be looking at:

  • Simple P2P sales of NFTs
  • Viewing and organizing NFTs in the wallet
  • Easy metaverse operability

We plan to work with other wallet providers in the space to create the best user experience no matter which wallet you choose to use / what API your website chooses to integrate with.

There is much to do and many features to still be determined. We will update with an article here when the beta is ready for public usage.

Final Remarks

We greatly appreciate the support and response from the Hedera NFT community we’ve received so far. We would not be successful without your support.

As we help build out this network and bring more and more functionality, we will do it together as a community. Every user and every creator is important to build Hedera into the de facto NFT environment. We can’t wait to see what 2022 holds for us all.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤



HGraph Punks

Turtle Moon is a company creating tools and infrastructure for the Hedera NFT community. HGraph Punks is an NFT project being created by the same team.